Robert Froese (Brother)

“James Froese was a gifted painter and sculptor who was admired by his students and fellow artists. His interest in history, literature and music influenced his work. His subject matter was often drawn from his past experiences which made his work unique. This was especially true of many of his assemblages. His paintings, drawings, sculpture and three-dimensional works are those of a gifted story-teller. He was not only skilled in his craft, but was one of the most creative artists of his generation. I was fortunate to have known him as an artist, close friend and brother.”

Paul Jackson (former student)

“Jim Froese was the painting teacher with magnetism when I was in grad school. He radiated energy from the perpetual motion of creation, inspiring everyone that encountered his orbit. There seemed to be so much more going on beneath the surface with Jim, in his paintings and through his sense of humor. He shared both freely with those of us lucky enough to be around at that time. Jim retired to his studio in 1992 to pursue his creative passions more intently, shutting out the noise that distracted his focus. He spent the best of his career dedicated to the creation of his ideas, leaving us a most remarkable body of artwork, revealing volumes about what dreams a brilliant artist kept below the surface.”

Storie Mooser (friend and former co-student at KCAI)

“Most of what we see of the works of “great artist” is what has been filtered by critics and historians, not on the other hand of the work that piles up and is culed from public view by the “authorities” as less “meaningful”, and certainly not that judged trite. But any artist who spent as much time in the studio and was as prolific as J. J. Froese ranges widely in style, themes, techniques, mediums,….on and on. Jim is here as in all his work and to know him and appreciate his wonderful legacy it is necessary to see all of it, whether sublime or just exploratory play. Jim was a playful cuss.”

“One day Kansas and Missouri will fight over the ownership of this Artist”

Joanne Berneche

“No canvas was too large for Jim.”

Kevin Walsh

“As to the quality of his work, I recently took a loose poll of a dozen or so local Artists and Art Faculty who ranked Froese’s output against all MU Art faculty historically and found him solidly ensconced “in the Top 5″…that is: Of All Time, folks.” – Youtube Channel

Kevin Shults

“The initial simplicity of Jim’s painting, Grackle, belies the complexity of the work. Look specifically at the painting’s green background. It’s evident that he put as much thought and care into painting the background as he did in painting the bird—almost as if he painted the background in a manner which defined the space in which the bird exists.”